The Vocokesh
...All This and Hieronymus Bosch
SAAH048 CD Only
Release Date: February 13, 2007
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Richard Franecki - guitar, bass, sitar, harmonica
John Helwig - lead guitar
Rusty - drums, percussion
With Doug Pearson - Wiard synthesizer

Track Listing: Eddie Makes the Scene - Gazing at the Dust - Once More Near the Beginning - The Truth Regarding Sunspots - Blue Light Dharma Shuffle - John's Fuzz Theme - Eddie's Freakout - Standing in the Ruins - Vibe #8 - All This and Hieronymus Bosch - Eddie Makes an Exit

The Vocokesh (previously simply "Vocokesh") formed in 1991 when guitarist Richard Franecki spun out of orbit from F/i, the legendary Milwaukee psychedelic veterans he co-founded. Thinking them turning a bit polite, The Vocokesh provided the necessary vessel to sufficiently blast Franecki's undiluted vision of full-blown experimental/free-acid rock mayhem further out into the ether. Multiple recordings for RRRecords, Drag City, Lexicon Devil (responsible for many a Vocokesh and F/i reissue) and Strange Attractors Audio House chart relentless trajectories of improvised, analog electronics-laced instrumental rock psychedelics that reverently summon the spirits of the most marginalized ruffians of 70's Krautrock (Amon Duul I, Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free) while exploring newer terrain. With 2005's Through the Smoke, The Vocokesh took a bit of a detour by lacing their hallucinatory flurries with actual "songs", in the vein of latter 60's fuzz/psych. Franecki and the boys' restless spirit never wanes, and thus …All This and Hieronymus Bosch, The Vocokesh's eighth release, marks more departures from previous formulas, resulting in some of their finest and freshest sonics yet.

Synthesizers and electronics, so prominently on display throughout The Vocokesh catalog, takes more of a backseat role while the sitar, only sparingly used in the past, bubbles strongly to the surface. The result lends an Eastern-tinged vibe to many of the tunes, a late 60's consciousness-elevating cool akin to the magic carpet rides in rock 'n' roll which largely occured post-Monterey Pop. Masterful guitar work is still in rich abundance, but many of the dark psych passages The Vocokesh are known for is offset by some sunnier trajectories. As implied by the title, …All This and Hieronymus Bosch hosts a surrealistic depth rarely matched in instrumental rock these days - a fantastic entry into The Vocokesh's ongoing psychedelic experiments.

Discography: Through the Smoke CD (Strange Attractors, 2005); The Tenth Corner CD (Strange Attractors, 2004); Ispepnaibara / Split with F/i CD Reissue (Lexicon Devil, 2003); Paradise Revisited CD (Drag City, 1998); Smile! And Point at the Mountain? CD (Drag City, 1995); Split with F/i LP (RRRecords, 1994); Ispepnaibara LP (RRRecords, 1993); Still Standing in the Same Garden 12"ep (Drag City, 1992)
Free MP3 download: "Gazing at the Dust"
Press: Aural Innovations, Sonic Troubador, Terrascope Online, Babysue
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