SpaceLauch For Frenchie
SAAH035/IDR001 CD reissue
Release Date: August 2, 2005

Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 2
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Lucy Atkinson - bass, organ, violin
Chris Martin
- guitar, vocals
David Weeks
- drums, percussion

Track Listing:
Staring - Floundering & Fluctuating - Lecker - Party - Jetstream - Losing Touch with My Mind Bonus Tracks: Loud With Drinks - Let Me Know When We're Poor - Floundering & Fluctuating (early version) - E-Jam (Daydream Intonation) - She Always Made Us Work Like Dogs

In collaboration with Intellectual Drunks Records, the Strange Attractors Resurrection Series proudly exhumes SpaceLauch For Frenchie, the long-lost debut album by Seattle, Washington's premier instrumental rockers Kinski!

"Spacelaunch for Frenchie serves up one of the coolest Krautrockin' dronefests this side of the second Spacemen 3 album." - Fred Mills, Magnet

Originally self-released by the band in 1999 in a limited edition pressing, Kinski's debut album SpaceLaunch for Frenchie captures the group in their infancy. Exploring multiple sonic terrains, the album clearly illustrates Kinski's skillful melding of their love of pop with their love of the drone. Initially a 3-piece, the band recorded their debut in their rehearsal space on an Otari 8-track. Spacelauch For Frenchie contains some of the bands' favorite early tracks, namely "Staring" and "Jetstream", and a cover of the Spacemen 3 tune "Losing Touch with My Mind". Remastered and repackaged, this reissue includes Kinski's ultra-rare five song demo unearthed from the period, featuring two never-before heard songs as well as an early version of a number re-recorded for Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle and the outtake "She Always Made Us Work Like Dogs".

Unavailable for years, SpaceLaunch for Frenchie is an auspicious starting point and a complete departure from their later flights of fancy.

Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 2

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