Six Organs of Admittance
The Manifestation
SAAH026 CD reissue
Released: September 7, 2004
Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 1
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Ben Chasny - acoustic guitar, autoharp, turntable
David Tibet - voice
Mike Mills - vinyl etching

Track Listing: The Manifestation - The Six Stations

"The psychedelic hippie folk revival that first bore fruit in the early 90's shows no sign of abating despite an almost total press blackout. Golden Boy of the moment is Ben Chasny, a.k.a. Six Organs of Admittance. His one-sided, limited-edition vinyl-only work, Manifestation, may seem like a perversely obscure choice for a best-of list, but it epitomizes the genre. Manifestation is a 20-minute acoustic-guitar-and-chanting freakout that would appear drawn from the raga guitar of Sandy Bull, After Bathing at Baxter's-era Jefferson Airplane and Sufi poetry." - New York Observer

If the pan-cultural acoustic/psych inventions of Ben Chasny and his Six Organs of Admittance could be defined by only one composition, that tune would certainly have to be The Manifestation. Released in the year 2000, The Manifestation was a clear, one-sided vinyl 12", a curiously primitive etching of the sun featured on the B-side. A one-time pressing of 500, The Manifestation evaporated just as quickly as it came. As an artifact, it is an underground psychedelic collector's treasure, worthy of display space on the mantle. But it also happens to be a dangerously potent dose of the Six Organs of Admittance experience, a divinely concentrated blend of every aspect of Chasny's mystical sound. Music of this caliber simply cannot remain unavailable. Announcing the reissue of The Manifestation on compact disc, entirely remastered and featuring nearly 20 minutes of conceptual bonus music based on the ancient idea of the "music of the spheres" and the harmonics between the visible planets.

Originally sprawling across one side of vinyl, The Manifestation is an extended raga of genre-defying madness, a dizzy melding of acoustic fingerstyle, shamanic chants, chimes, hand percussion, space jam and ghostly vocals that effectively blurs the cultural boundaries of eastern and western folk music. It is an ode to the sun, as represented by the original vinyl B-side etching. Ruminating on the sun and the galaxy, Chasny was inspired to incorporate the original artifact into a musical experiment for the reissue, one that adopts the ideas of alchemical astronomers of yore and incorporates them - quite literally. Chasny placed the original record on his turntable, B-side up, laid his stylus down on the sun etching and recorded the results. He then placed the needle down again in a different spot, and then a different one again all the way to the end. Chasny was appropriating the concept of Bode's Law, a rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the solar system in relation to the perceived distance of each planet from the sun. While the stylus clicked and popped as it "played" the sun, Chasny composed music using the ancient Egyptian mode for each of the "naked eye" planets. From Mercury through Saturn, acoustic modals dance, drone and chime in its own particular key as the sun etching crackles, sounding eerily like an old pre-war 78 RPM unearthed from some alien land. As for Earth…the "center of the universe" in the Milky Way has no mode at all, no musical key to speak of. All Earth has is the human voice, and lending his most unique set of pipes for the planet Earth is David Tibet of Current 93. As the sun sizzles statically behind him, Tibet recites a spoken word piece of terrestrial imagery, lending a very haunting, cryptic feel to the otherworldly affair. The result is akin to a musical journey outward from the sun, blending shimmering acoustic guitar and the original B-side's own dissonance for an absolutely surreal listening experience.

Six Organs of Admittance takes the time-expanding dynamics of Robbie Basho and distorts it through the deepest corridors of cult-laden psychedelic music. This new version of The Manifestation weds pagan worship with spiritual cosmology to create music as ambitious as it is beautiful. We are proud to reincarnate The Manifestation, a crucial entry in the Six Organs of Admittance body of work.

Strange Attractors Ressurection Series, Vol. 1
Cover Artwork by Katherine Kim / Unit Design
Housed in a deluxe 6-panel foldout digipak, with detailed hand-written project notes by Ben Chasny
Bonus material and spoken word piece by David Tibet were created exclusively for this reissue
Press: Dusted Magazine, All Music Guide, Pitchforkmedia, Portland Mercury, Minneapolis City Pages, Splendid EZine, Foxy Digitalis, Seattle Weekly, Vertical Slum, The Stranger
Visit the official Six Organs of Admittance website for news, discography, biography and tour dates
Official website for Current 93
The wonderful folks at BaDaBing! issued The Manifestation initially, on vinyl
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