SubArachnoid Space
The Red Veil
SAAH025 CD Only
Released: February 15, 2005
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Melynda Jackson - Guitar
Chris Cones -
Guitar, Pulse Generator
Chris Van Huffel -
Diego Gonzales -

Track Listing: Honorable Mention (4:12) - Ourobouros (6:14) - The Red Veil (11:08) - Trainable (3:53) - P.S.S.A. (8:20) - Duster (6:28)

The Red Veil is the ninth album in as many years SubArachnoid Space has been in business. Over the course of the past decade, the band has established themselves as one of the chief navigators of psychotropic instrumental rock, aligning themselves enduringly with the brightest stars of the visceral psychedelic underground. Veterans of numerous tours and notching many festival appearances in their belt, the band has amassed a dedicated following. The quartet's aural trajectories have evolved with each release - from their primordial tumult as free & raw psychedelic sound sculptors, to out-and-out ownership of volume-slathered, lumbering drone rock (as evidenced on 2003's pivotal Also Rising). A personnel shift that year saw the arrival of Chris Cones (guitar) and Diego Gonzales (bass), a change that solidified the direction in sound the band had been heading towards. The Red Veil marks the destination, an astounding recording which finds the band tethering their heady sonic flights to the Earth with ominous gravity, honing their sound into a focused and downright powerful haymaker to the brain.

Musically, The Red Veil taps the same wellspring from which Also Rising burbled, but follows it much further downstream into the darkest corridors of the subconscious, exploring dour moods and texture via a heavy, mind-erupting sound. SubArachnoid Space have incorporated rhythms and structures into their new material that catapult them into stoner/gloom-Metal realms, but the guitars are still pure SubArachnoid Space - that is, ever-pointed towards that third eye in the sky, unfurling heady and layered tendrils of sound. Propelled by deep bass lines and double bass drum mayhem, the guitars largely steer clear of the typical riff, favoring effects-laden textures, drones and dissonance over garden-variety power chords. Previous incarnations of the band favored spontaneous flurries into the unknown, but a fresh emphasis on "songs" has coaxed out a wicked force from beyond the haze with a level of fury not felt before.

With The Red Veil, SubArachnoid Space deftly straddles the fence between Metal and space rock, experimenting with genre and form to forge ethereal tunes laced with doom and embossed in hair-raising volume. Pummeling, brooding, but always intoxicating, The Red Veil is a stunning augmentation of the band's trademark hallucinatory fire.

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SubArachnoid Space performed the Strange Attractors showcase at SXSW, Thursday March 17, 2005!
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