Steffen Basho-Junghans
Rivers and Bridges
SAAH010 CD Only
February 18, 2003
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Six Compositions: The River Suite (21:58) - Hear the Winds Coming (4:49) - The Takoma Bridge Incident (17:23) - Rainbow Dancing (3:52) - Autumn II (5:08) - Epilogue (2:41)

The music of Steffen Basho-Junghans occupies a dimension all its own. Three astounding, singular experimental acoustic guitar albums in three years (INSIDE, Waters in Azure and Landscapes in Exile) have dramatically reinvented the possibilities of the acoustic guitar, exposing a universe-within-a-universe of the instrument by way of a radical reinterpretation of the solo steel-string tradition. As groundbreaking as these recent works are, Basho-Junghans certainly has not forgotten his roots. Those first epiphanies he felt upon discovering the classic sound of Takoma Records (as defined by John Fahey, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke and the mighty Robbie Basho) continues to resonate strongly within him. Rivers and Bridges, although recorded around the time of his experimental works, marks a stylistic departure from his recent explorations and a return to those seminal steel string influences, celebrating the ecstatic beauty of impressionist guitar and folk music from the Americas and the East across six lush, shimmering compositions.

Rivers and Bridges is a pastoral experience, rich in color and texture, coursing through various moods with a river allegory at its' core. Impressionist six-string dramaturgy cascade forth, ebbing and flowing in steady raga-like waves, across placid sound pools and frothing tonal rapids. Through each piece a myriad of sounds and styles are explored, touching upon American folk, Native American linearity, Middle Eastern resonance, East Indian raga and Western classical with heartfelt ease - and often within the same tune. Propelled all the while by an intricate sense of melodic invention, the depth of imagery and complexity of texture is remarkable and simply gorgeous.

Reminiscent of his Songs of the Earth (Sublingual, 2000)and the timeless Takoma Records sound, Rivers and Bridges is an instant classic acoustic guitar record, sounding familiar and yet imbued with subtleties unlike anything else you've heard before. Steffen Basho-Junghans rounds out the elaborate scope of his music with Rivers and Bridges, proving why he is widely regarded as one of today's most important acoustic guitar figures.

Recorded solo in real time, with no overdubs or effects used.

Hear for yourself! Download a free MP3 of "Hear the Winds Coming" from our Rivers and Bridges!
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