This is my Ampbuzz

SAAH009 CD Only
Released: August 6, 2002

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six astral projections: bubbles - center for clouds - soft currency - diving instructions - welcome to the ocean floor - underwater bomb

Chris Martin, guitar scientist for Seattle based heavy trippers KINSKI, ventures far-out into the wild blue yonder with Ampbuzz, his otherworldly & uber-cosmic solo venture. Whereas Kinski graphs the nuances of psychedelic instrumental rock via a highly visceral attack, Ampbuzz investigates languid alter-universes wrapped in blurry, hazy, billowing quilts of sound. This is my Ampbuzz is the debut release, a floating journey across vast alien terrain via six extended vistas.

Ambience is definitely the code set to the blissed-out mode of travel here, although This is my Ampbuzz contains a variety of textural overlays, keeping the hovercraft from becoming too static. Guitars are manipulated and regurgitated, gently coughing forth dense and gentle drones, loops, altered signals and colorful reverberance. A definite soundtrack feel is exuded, as moods build and morph under plentiful sonic decorations. Imagine if Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) and his ambient solo projects collaborated with Cluster and was commissioned to create music for Werner Herzog or David Lynch, and you may be sitting in the right theatre. "Diving Instructions" in particular maintains an ominous, dark, gradually building drone, slowly decorated with backwards cymbals and other cosmic debris which will have you thinking imbalanced thoughts of dwarves, giants and the Log Lady. Taken on a guided tour through the foreign terrain of the Ampbuzz netherworld, crystalline guitar refracts light against gentle ambient corridors ("Underwater Bomb"); resonant nebulas smear a cosmic orchestra all over circular-breathing guitar ("Bubbles"); dark oceanic depths are plumbed as jagged shards of sound seep down from the surface above ("Welcome to the Ocean Floor"). The dense array of mind-altering textures woven throughout is simply astounding.

Ampbuzz offers a nod towards 70's Kosmiche Musik while a gorgeous, detailed album of modern guitar-based ambient music is deftly composed. This is my Ampbuzz is a deep shimmering tidepool on some distant planet, a heavy-lidded wash saturated in mystery.

RIYL: Kinski, Kawabata Makoto, KK Null, Cluster, Gas, Azusa Plane, Klaus Schulze, Bill Horist

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