Planetarium Music
Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) CD (SAAH006)
Released: May 7, 2002
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Track Listing: Introduction - Terrible - Another World - Tribute - Annual - Neighbor - Metal

Alex Bundy from San Francisco, CA-via-Portland, OR is the man in question operating the ambient trajectories of Planetarium Music, a heavenly electronic orchestra raining down like a vibrant meteor shower from the constellations high above. Many of you may know Mr. Bundy as a member of drone-rock-scrapers Yume Bitsu, for whom he has performed the duties of keyboards and electronic sound generation since their onset. Through his Planetarium Music project, Bundy explores a style of electronic music that originated with predominantly German artists in the early 70's such as Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Klaus Schulze and Popol Vuh's first couple of albums, and was carried through the 80's by artists such as Robert Rich, Steve Roach and Jeff Greinke. In the process of mining this oft-maligned, almost forgotten style of experimental electronic music, Planetarium Music has constructed an absolute gem of lush drone-and-drift, the almost Smithsonian Folkways-ian titled Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2).

Debuting in early 2001 with the CDR-only release Planetarium Music under Bundy's own name as part of the Dryystonian Bedroom Series (curated by Surface of Eceon/Yume Bitsu's Adam Forkner), Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) swims in even tighter revolutions around the solar system, featuring a few visits to galaxies not explored by it's predecessor. Using digital synthesizers, processing software and computers as sonic arsenal, Planetarium Music seeks to reclaim the Music of the Spheres while updating it with a modern perspective. As cosmic tides ripple throughout, shimmering modulations envelop and a multitude of discreet drones burble just below the surface. Synth-laden tone washes ebb-and-flow majestically, thoroughly engulfing the senses, in a truly stellar, updated throwback to 70's German Ambient. Two compositions bookend the entire affair with some deviations from the drift: "Introduction" opens the disc with Mille Plateaux-style static-pulse glitch, while the closer "Metal" interrupts the reverie with Metal Machine Music type sound abrasion. Early analog ambient never sounded so contemporary.

Planetarium Music weaves sound commonly associated with geodesic domes into music that is as challenging as it is lysergic. Harkening back fondly to the pioneering giants of experimental analog electronic yet steering the spaceship ever forward, Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) is a truly heavenly tonic to bathe your tender senses in and awaken your tired chakras.

Discography: Alex Bundy - Planetarium Music CDR (Dryystonian Artifacts); Yume Bitsu - Auspicious Winds CD/LP (K), Yume Bitsu CD (Ba Da Bing), Giant Surface Music Falling Like Jewels From The Sky CD (Ba Da Bing)

RIYL: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Stars of the Lid, Drona Parva, Steve Roach, Jeff Greinke, Robert Rich

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Press: The Wire, All Music Guide
, Dusted Mag,,, Aural Innovations, AmbiEntrance,
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Planetarium Music is a member of a loose collective called The Vessyl, along with Surface of Eceon, Landing, and Yume Bitsu. Monitor the happenings from The Vessyl homepage
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