Surface of Eceon
The King Beneath the Mountain CD
Released: November 13, 2001
OUT OF PRINT - Complete album available as a digital download from iTunes, Rhapsody, Audiolunchbox, Napster...

Mothmen: Adam Forkner (Guitars, Treaments & Voice) - Dick Baldwin (Guitars and Signal Processing Units) - Aaron Snow (Guitars, Synthesizer, Delay Effects and Voice) - Daron Gardner (Bass and Signal Processing Units) - Phil Jenkins (Percussion)

Six epics: The Open Sea (6:44) - Silence Beheads Us (8:18) - The Grasshopper King (8:35) - Deep Gray Night (8:04) - Council of Locusts (7:30) - Ascension to the Second Tier of the Outer Plane of Dryystn (Eceyon) (17:31)

"Beyond the outer reaches of Dryystyn lies the Surface of Eceon. Ruled by the Grasshopper King, it is a space where time and energy
are blurred into a beautiful landscape of sound and action. Hello Moth: Please enter into the vessyl of sound."

Strange Attractors rips open the sky, searching for evidence of a mythic concert of stars, and down from the cosmos rains a majestic symphony entitled Surface of Eceon. Boasting a supreme membership that includes 3/4 of Landing plus the psychedelic vision of Adam Forkner from established voyagers Yume Bitsu, the exploratory Surface of Eceon create swirling nebulas of blissful soundsmithery which only a precise collision between two such cosmically-inclined outfits could sufficiently create.

Propelled by a textured three-guitar attack, Surface of Eceon launch skyward from the confines of terrestrial life, toting six tracks which combine to hover just near the one hour mark. Surface of Eceon compose their sound journeys from the depths of complete improvisation, ritualistically torching the midnight smoke and thus telepathically channeling the Grand Unknown. Thankfully the tape is always running with these guys! Documenting their spontaneous combustion and later editing down and overdubbing the evidence, we are happy to announce the resulting debut release of SOE's ecstatic experiments, The King Beneath the Mountain. "The Open Sea" inaugurates the journey, a minimal mediation slowly decorated with chiming guitars and delayed melody, building dramatically until the tape cuts out mercilessly in mid-flight. Onward to "Silence Beheads Us", a heavy breathing ambient mass made turbulent from sonically shifting tectonic plates and smothering atmospheric density. "The Grasshopper King" harkens trip-improv jousters Bright and the forward motion of Neu!. The King Beneath the Mountain steadily surges forth to the shimmering end, engulfed in heady flights of vivid color, sweeping across equal doses of dense, voluminous psyche-rock and muted nocturnal dreamscapes.

Surface of Eceon
morphs 70's German psyche-prog and modern FX-laden space with pure improv to concoct a striking mesh of melodious 'out' rock. Equal parts gentle ambience and fiery afterburn, The King Beneath the Mountain is a multi-hued cranial cocktail, piped directly from each of the members' cerebral cortex. Intoxicating indeed.

For all the information on the collective of artists and outlets infused within Surface of Eceon, Landing, Planetarium Music and Yume Bitsu, set the controls towards The Vessyl.

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