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Released: August 28, 2001
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The players:
Adrienne C. Snow - Synthesizer, Vocals / Daron Gardner - Drums / Dick Baldwin - Bass, Guitar / Aaron Snow - Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals

Track Listing: How Did You Feel? - Harmonies - Rial Veed Fiir - Are You Gone to Vast Arc Hues? - Structure vs. Chaos - ...

Landing is a truly vibrant, celestial-minded quartet of sound painters from Connecticut (via-Utah!). After releasing an ep (Centrifuge, 1999) and a full length CD (Circuit, 2001) on the great Music Fellowship label (responsible for recordings by The Album Leaf and Meisha), Landing touch down toting a truly mesmerizing, otherworldly document. Oceanless, their simply amazing second full length CD, is a dense canvas capturing graceful instrumental brushstrokes, lush audio pigments, and vivid surrealist portraits.

Featuring six compositions and clocking in at over 63 minutes, Oceanless is absolutely the most dazzling prizm of sound Landing has produced thus far. It's a saturating wash, a burbling Technicolor stream flooding the senses with brilliant use of sonic color. Oozing out of the darkness, "How Did You Feel?" inducts the album to muted wavelengths of light; it is a slowly materializing track unfurling from a distant haze, flooding any imposing borders with a methodically rising sound. Inebriating and intricately textured, the plodding mallet driven rhythms, keyboard oscillations, wavering guitar afterburn and distant reverb-drenched vocals could be likened to a Prazison LP-era Labradford that has melted all over the easel. Bleeding into "Harmonies" with a lazer drone, the mood shifts to one of floating, lilting ecstasy. "Rial Veed Fiir" is perhaps the most representative of Landing's perspective, as looped vinyl launches into cascading guitar notes, shimmering drones, minimal drum pulses and muted vocals. Rocketing to the furthest reaches of inner space, "Are You Gone to Vast Arc Hues?" captures Landing in the live setting, enveloping an enraptured audience with an epic 20+ minute pillowing of the senses. Lazily bobbing along, "Structure vs. Chaos" is a mellow track of nuanced intricacy, warm and weightless like quilts of sunlight. Finishing off the album, "" is a spooky and distant track of ambient experimentations, allowing Landing to retreat inward and back into the lair.

Billowy, textured, sprawling and shimmering, Oceanless finds Landing at their trippiest zenith. Experimenting in the Rock format via expansive and entrancing curtains of sound, Landing has painted a colorful, cosmic mural.


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