Cul de Sac
SAAH043 CD Reissue
Released: October 24, 2006

Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 5

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Robin Amos - electronics
Chris Fujiwara - bass

Chris Guttmacher - drums
Glenn Jones - guitar, contraption

Track Listing: Death Kit Train - The Moon Scolds the Morning Star - Stranger at Coney Island - Homunculus - The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California - Nico's Dream - The Invisible Worm - Song to the Siren - Electar - Lauren's Blues Bonus Tracks: Cul de Sade - The Bee Who Would Not Work - Negligee

1991 - "The Year Punk Broke". The smell of teen spirit was emanating out of the Pacific Northwest, from coast-to-coast the youth were proudly flyin' the flannel, and the term "alternative" had firmly taken root in the rock critic lexicon. In Boston, however, guitarist Glenn Jones had a radically different agenda brewing, totally at odds to the current climate. Cul de Sac was born in 1990 as the result of Jones' loosely-formed concept pitting melodic, surf/Middle Eastern guitar style with the electronics splatter of Robin Amos (founding member of Boston dada-punk legends The Girls) and the percussive grooves of Chris Guttmacher (ex-drummer for Bullet LaVolta). Drawing further inspiration from '60s psychedelia, American and Middle Eastern folk music, Krautrock, and the more industrial elements of the avant-garde, Cul de Sac developed and honed this formula as an instrumental quartet, and as it stands today, the band has long-since cemented their status as one of the leading lights of the avant rock underground. But it was the out-of-left-field splash they made in 1991 with their debut ECIM that started the whole undercurrent and subsequent rubbernecking their way, a debut recording that effectively ushered in a remarkably fresh perspective on instrumental rock music. Clearly there was nothing like it at the time. Today, ECIM almost seems prophetic; its fully realized sound is certainly more in step with recent underground activity than it ever was previously.

Originally issued by Northeastern in the US and Rough Trade in Europe, ECIM happens to be the one album in Cul de Sac's discography criminally unavailable for many years, having gone out of print sometime in the 90's. A crucial chapter in the development and actualization of the American avant rock underground, ECIM is proudly resuscitated 15 years hence. Boasting an impeccable digital remastering job, the reissue is beefed up with three previously unreleased tunes recorded from the period and rounded out with archival photos and liner notes by Byron Coley, Chris Guttmacher and Glenn Jones. Features the Cul de Sac live staples "Death Kit Train" and "Nico's Dream", plus their original take on the John Fahey classic "The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California" and guest appearances by the inimitable Dredd Foole. For the well-versed Cul de Sac fan and for new admirers alike, ECIM is a time-tested album well ahead of the curve. A modern classic, and a cornerstone of recent musical history.

Download a free MP3 of "Death Kit Train", from ECIM
Press: Junkmedia, Foxy Digitalis, Dusted
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Cul de Sac
discography on Strange Attractors: Abhayamudra (w/Damo Suzuki), The Strangler's Wife OST, Death of the Sun, Immortality Lessons
Vol. 5 in our Strange Attractors Resurrection Series of reissued and never-before issued gems
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